Joie 3 – Celebration

One thing that I can always count on to bring me joy is the notion of celebration. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a holiday, right? Special foods, special clothes, special ceremonies . . . holidays are the flash of gold brocade in a basket of muslin days. (I’m paraphrasing someone there, but so help me, I’m not sure who.)

At the start of the year, I treated myself to a wall calendar – old-fashioned, I know, but I like them. This year’s is a “year of offbeat holidays.” Just in January, for instance, I have been made aware of “National Science Fiction Day” (Jan. 2), “National Hat Day” (Jan. 15), and “National Chocolate Cake Day” (Jan. 27).  I feel that all of these are worthy of celebration. I was also tagged today in a memory by a most excellent friend who reminded me that a year ago today, before Covid had reared its ugly head, we were going off to celebrate Burns Night with my bagpipe-playing cousin. (Yes, haggis was involved.)

Moreover, today marks the official anniversary of the birth of civil rights legend Martin Luther King, Jr., making it a fantastic day to re-read “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” or to curl up with a book or film about the continuing fight for equality in our country. You may also enjoy streaming a commemorative event, especially given that so many celebrations of his life have gone online this year. You may also want to donate (or volunteer your time) to a charity that works to move the country closer to the promises of the Constitution.

We live in historic times, which often means things are turbulent, unsettled, and at least a bit queasy-making. As you know, I firmly believe that self-care is the polar opposite of selfish and celebrating holidays – whether official or of our own making – provide us with excellent opportunities to practice those arts.

For example – today is “National Gourmet Coffee Day.” So instead of having the usual “tin can” brew, I made a small pot of the “good stuff” from my small-batch, small-town local roaster. (You’d be surprised what you can find in the sticks, if you look hard enough.) Using the teensy milk frother I received as a Christmas gift (cold milk froths better, by the way! You’re welcome) and a bottle of sugar-free vanilla syrup, I made a cinnamon-dusted latte that would be the envy of any barista.

Believing that celebration also includes feeding my head (even when that’s uncomfortable), I’m spending time today digging into the fullness of Dr. King’s legacy – which goes FAR BEYOND the “I Have a Dream” speech, important though that was and continues to be.  

Celebrate – every day that you can. Tiaras optional, but certainly welcomed. 

Look for joy, Divas!

See you next week!





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