The Essentials – Use the “Good Stuff!”

This is a sadly overlooked basic. In fact, I realized that I often mentioned the importance and desirability of “using the good stuff,” but had never specifically addressed the topic. So let’s fix that now.

First off, what do I mean by the “good stuff?” Think of it like this – anything that you hoard like Smaug on a pile of gold is your version of the “good stuff.” Naturally, that can vary. It might be your grandmother’s china that you faithfully keep in a cupboard. It could be the diamond stud earrings that you had made from another piece of jewelry. Or maybe it’s the fancy bubble bath that you got for Mother’s Day. Or “date night” perfume that you wear three times a year. Maybe it’s a cashmere sweater that you never wear because it’s “too good for everyday.”

We’re going to stop that line of thinking – right here and right now.

My own memories of the “good stuff” always take me back to soap. You see, I remember my grandmother having “guest soaps” in a bathroom – they were very pretty and they stayed there until they were covered in dust. I don’t recall anyone every actually using them. No, no, and furthermore, no. The “good stuff” is meant to be used, enjoyed, and celebrated. This is hard for many people, and it was hard for me in the beginning. After all, what if something happened? A plate could get broken, a linen pillowcase could get torn, or I could run out of the good perfume.

Nonsense. That sort of thinking comes from a place of lack and deprivation. It’s why we wind up snarfing an entire king-sized bar of drugstore chocolate instead of truly savoring one really good handmade truffle.

We must use the good things in our lives so we truly appreciate them. Stop hiding your light under a bushel basket. It’s okay to use the heirloom china for pizza. It’s okay to wear that cocktail ring to meet friends at the local BBQ joint. Wear the good perfume. Wear the good lingerie just because you feel pretty and confident when you do. Serve instant pudding in the delicate stemmed glasses. Quit saving the “good stuff” for the big occasions and celebrate each and every day that we’re given.

When my mother passed, I inherited a set of china that had been her father’s and his first wife’s. It’s quite pretty. Mom had included a note with it, mentioned that she had always really loved this pattern and the memories associated with it. I never remember us using it at all and that struck me as such a shame. So instead of boxing it up for some special occasion, it is close at hand and I try to use it often. My husband might think it’s a little silly sometimes, but he’s a man who wisely understands the Great Truth of the adage “happy wife, happy life.”

Please, Divas. Try this. Stop waiting for a special day and make the day special instead.

Scatter joy!

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